Peg Allen


Margaret (Peg) Allen, MLS-AHIP
Health Knowledge Consultants

Current MLA CE Courses:

  • Instructor: Expert Searching for Evidence Based Nursing
  • Co-Instructor: Getting Magnetized: Search and Service Strategies for Nursing Excellence
  • Co-Instructor: Walking in Nurses' Shoes:  From Novice to Expert
  • Put online in future?
    • Culturally Competent Health Information Services for New Americans
    • Competency Based Information Literacy for Evidence-Based Nursing
  • Worked with technical consultant, to design new website.
  • Co-editor and Project Coordinator, Hmong Family Health Guide (bilingual), online and in print. Click on News item on health guide for linked PDF of Poster showing the flow of plain English resources into a bilingual book.  Poster at MLA 2009 (staffed by GMR librarian) and Midwest Chapter meeting in Columbus.
My career started in a hospital, where I merged the medical and nursing libraries. After 19 years in hospital setting, moved into home based indexing and outreach projects. The Hmong project grew out of outreach work with Wisconsin AHEC; all funded with NLM and NN/LM grants.

Other than the Hmong health project, my professional passion is working with the Nursing and Allied Health Resources Section of MLA to enhance nurses' access to knowledge based information. See

Experience with Nursing:  

First professional interaction with Nurses at Fairview Community Hospitals, Minneapolis, 1969 - 1973.  First job after Library School, UW Madison, while spouse in Viet Nam.  Previous experience with nurses as patient in hospital (12 & 16), and family friend Phyllis Slocum, a VA Supervisor who served in WWII.  Participated in Wives Who Wait support group at Red Cross while in Madison.  I became a hospital librarian because it was best job available near Fort Snelling, where John was sent after Viet Nam.  While at Fairview, served nurses at two hospitals with different nursing cultures, offered outreach services to the suburban hospital, and merged Medical Staff Library with Fairview School of Nursing library to become Health Sciences Library.  The library also served students from St. Olaf College during their clinical time in Minneapolis, including VA and Public Health as well as the hospital.

Moved to Wisconsin in 1973; 15 years at St. Joseph's Hospital LRC.  It served diploma school 1975 - 1988 when it closed, hospital staff, and patients (after move to new location, 1987).   Represented hospital on Joint Medical Library Committee.  The Marshfield Clinic Medical Library had moved to new building connected to hospital in 1975, and medical libraries were merged. Previous nursing school librarian split time between the hospital Medical Library and the SON; separate Patient Library until 1980s.  During time in Marshfield, served faculty working on their BSN and Master's degrees, many students in BSN completion programs from all over Northern Wisconsin, and hospital nurses working on Master's in Nursing or Public Health (MPH at University of Minnesota was most accessible program for nurse administrators.  During last 13 years of Diploma program, we had seven SON Directors. I had Faculty status, chaired Learning Resources Committee, and served on Professional Development, Curriculum, and Long Range Planning Committees - Secretary for last two.  Professional Development planned workshops for faculty, including several related to using audiovisuals and library resources.

1990 to 1993, Processing Coordinator and Reference Librarian at UW Stevens Point; taught in allied health programs and for UW Oshkosh BSN completion students.  UW had a collaborative BSN completion program with five core distance  classes, each assigned to one of the five collaborating programs (Eau Claire, Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee/Parkside, and Oshkosh).  

1993 - 2006, Outreach services as consultant to Marshfield Clinic and  Area Health Education Centers (AHEC).

1993 - 1995 Indexer for Silver Platter RNdex (did not survive) 

1996 - 1997 Editor, International Nursing Index. 

1998 - 2007 Consultant, Cinahl Information Systems.  Indexed websites and developed/wrote Search Strategies feature for CINAHL Plus

2005 - 2007 Caregiver for elderly aunt in Minneapolis area; experienced assisted living, nursing home, hospital and hospice environments as patient advocate working closely with nursing staff as family representative.

Right now my "hobby" is trying to catch up with work activities and get in shape following ankle fracture in late December 2006, two years of care giving for elderly aunt 2005 - 2007, and dealing with other family health crises. We're still in midst of first floor remodeling with family and office addition, so worked from various spots around the house when not at the Hmong association. Sleeping in partially competed family room, and just moved into new office. Favorites list headed by grandsons, 5 month to 8 years, and our two children & their spouses. Our daughter had two high-risk pregnancies; son's 5 year old has spina bifida & doing very well.

Personal progress slowed by falls and herniated disks summer 2009, 10 day hospitalization at Magnet Hospital for GI problems over Christmas holiday 2009 - 2010, and new diagnoses of sleep apnea and mild pulmonary hypertension November 2010.  All relate to viral cardiomyopathy/CHF identified at end of 1992 while at UWSP, requiring change to home-based work.  Finally improving per appointments on May 4, but long way to go.  Also a breast cancer survivor, identified in 2000 before MLA.  These personal experiences have created opportunities to observe health care systems in action, always looking at nursing roles as well as physicians.  In other words, a personally involved observer of health care smile

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